Dark and Darker developer says cheaters are “a serious priority”

When Dark and Darker launched in early access last month, it immediately caught the attention of players who were eager to dive into its gritty dungeons to hack and slash their way through ghouls and other players. However, the PVP dungeon crawler quickly found itself awash in cheaters ruining the experience for others. Now developer Ironmace is seeking help from the community to identify these unsavory players.

In a post to the game’s official Discord, developer IRONMACE outlined the rampant cheating in the title and vowed to make it a “serious priority.” According to an account under the name Graysun, the team is working with Ironshield, a security platform, to tackle this issue. Ironmace is also asking for the community’s help by offering a dedicated Discord account for players to message video links and screenshots of suspected cheaters along with the offending player’s in-game username.

As Dark and Darker continues to grow and evolve, it’s important for the studio to address these issues as they emerge. While the company has taken measures to curb these problems, it’s clear that a number of players have yet to find the balance between playing the game as intended and enjoying the perks of in-game progression.

While Dark and Darker has had its fair share of legal troubles since launch, the developer is determined to keep the game moving in the right direction. Following a lawsuit with Nexon—which claimed that IRONMACE used stolen code to create the game—the developer removed the title from Steam and instead released it via its own launcher and digital storefront Chaf Games.

Despite the ongoing legal battle, Dark and Darker continues to gain traction with players. Most recently, IRONMACE addressed player complaints about the cost of class unlocks by granting refunds and making all classes free to play in an update. In addition, the developer has been releasing hotfixes to combat issues like an exploit that allowed players to gain a speed boost by removing their armor and clothing. With the release of hotfix three, the studio nerfed the exploit to force players to wear clothing once again.