Fortnite’s new update has buffed pizza and rolled out a second My Hero Academia collab

Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite, bringing the game’s popular Battle Royale mode a pizza buff and a second My Hero Academia collaboration. The September 12 update also added Todoroki’s Ice Wall to the island, and a new Winterfest 2022 challenge asks players to check the Cozy Lodge each day in search of pizza slices.

Tomatohead, the mascot for fictional restaurant Pizza Pit, has received a boost to his health and shield regeneration abilities in the latest update. Players can now find Pizza Party boxes across the map, which contain up to eight slices of cheesy goodness. The Pizza Party item will restore both Health and Shield at the same time, and it can be used by anyone whether they have a Battle Pass or not. This can be purchased from the restaurant Piper Place or found in Chests, and the corresponding Chug Juice will also instantly regenerate both Health and Shield when activated.

The other major change is that the spawn chance for vault gates has been improved, meaning they now have a greater chance of eliminating players, vehicles, and deployable items when crushed. Vault gates can also now be blown up using the Rocket Ram, and they will now destroy other structures when destroyed from the side or rear.

As for the second My Hero Academia collaboration, this features an outfit inspired by Shoto Todoroki. Players can unlock it through the Featured Outfits category in the Battle Pass, or by completing two Quests on the Hero Training Gym Island in Creative. These tasks include alerting a Securitry Camera and securing data from Forecast Towers or destroying weakened walls and security gates.

In addition to Todoroki and his Ice Wall, the Fortnite X My Hero Academia collaboration adds three new Outfits and a new Mythic Ability for all players to enjoy. The first new Outfit is Tactical Nolan Chance, which combines his white bulletproof vest with a black tactical suit for an intimidating look. The other new skins are Antonia, Fish Thicc, and Piper Pace, each of which is available starting at season level 125.

The upcoming update will also introduce a brand-new Creative mode called Heist Mode, which will see players attempt to break into secure areas and steal loot. It’s an incredibly fun way to test out the game, and will likely provide plenty of content for fans looking to sharpen their superhero skills. Check out the full list of changes below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next round of Patch Notes on Tuesday.